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In addition to the Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle television program, your Sister in the South, Robin Shea now offers Southern Fried Fitness Radio. The Robin Shea Show on Southern Fried Fitness Radio is all about falling in love with The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle. Each show will focus on one of Robin's 6 steps to becoming the New Southern Belle, Southern Fried and Fantastic. Whether you need advice on how to Get in the Zone and prepare your mind to stay focused on your new lifestyle or you just need to learn how to enjoy life's 20% southern indulgence guilt free, this show is for you!


03/27/13 | Dave, the Raw Food Trucker
03/27/13 | Dave, the Raw Food Trucker Pt. 2
03/27/13 | Dave, the Raw Food Trucker pt 3

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